I've just had my mind blown

Well I know it is the edgy/cool thing to hate Panic at the disco. But for the record, I will be a "cliche loser" and like them. Their catchy and fun, and if you can't appreciate catchy fun things, you're boring. Sorry. No, not sorry. Stop complaining about things because its the cool thing to do. I dont care if you HONESTLY do not like something. Taste is taste. But if your like 90% of the idiots out there who just hate things because they want to be better than everything else and claim that they are educated and more inteligent because of it, then your an idiot and you should be shot.

I'm currently reading "Invisible Monsters" by Chuck Palahniuk, and i noticed that the lyrics to Panic at the Disco's "Time to dance" bare a striking similarity to the book, which is amazing by the way. So In an attempt to uncover truth or just coincidence, i powered up the ol' google and did some searching. apparently I've discover something that is already known, which makes me feel a little slow, but I only just started reading the book so give a brotha a break.

Anyhow, If you haven't read the book, or heard the song, or both, I suggest you do so. You will be a more well-rounded individual because of it.

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huma...like juma with an h

WOW lots of action. I personally have been mia for a while too much shit. Found some cool shit so thought everyone should check it out. Huma a rescently discovered group of one of my friends from video class. It is electronic pop I guess you would call it maybe, but definately good. . Check it out I like it. Do you think what you are doing every second of your life.


Triple Shot Thursday

Okay, it's time for my first weekly triple shot thursday. I figure if we're going to want regular readers we're going to have to start doing regular things. So anyway, I'm gonna review 3 DVDs this week, which all happen to be television shows. First off, I hate television. Every show on television has been judged on how many people will watch it, because of course capitalism is all about what will make money. This doesn't, by any means, make all television garbage, in my opinion, I just hate having to filter out all the crap that gets put on the air today. So basically, the only television I watch is what gets released on DVD. So now i'll review two shows I've discovered recently Scrubs and Lost, and another I've just purchased; an old classic, The Critic.

I'll start on a lighter side with The Critic. This is an animated series that ran in like 94-95 for two seasons by the same guys that did the Simpsons. I'm really shocked that more people haven't ever heard of this show. If you're into film and celebrities from all decades, this would be a good one to check out. Jon Lovitz is Jay Sherman, an overweight, bald, early 40's film critic with a slight eating disorder. After buying the complete series I've realized how many jokes have been used from this show in South Park and especially Family Guy. The only downside is a lot of the jokes get repeated often, but oh well. The DVD is like 40 bucks at most retailers, and you get all 24 episodes and a decent amount of extra features if you're trying to check it out.

Secondly, the drama series Lost. Very addictive. I've personally banned myself from this show. It's really good, but everything I've seen so far(the entire first season) is based on ambiguity. So far, there's a shitload of questions and not all that many answers. Despite this, the characters are all very good and have interesting back-stories, which is kind of a theme throughout the show. The reason I've banned myself is because there's so much hype for this show. Not only are the ratings good, but there's a huge scene on the internet as well that reveals secrets and such. I'm choosing to take the skeptical route on the quality of the overall series, because it would be really easy for the producers to build up hype and then drop a huge dump on the faces of all the viewers by the end of the show. Aparently five seasons are expected, so my plan is to wait til the end and see what everyone else has to say, much like I always do with television shows. :)

Last, Scrubs. This show is fricken delightful, and very funny. Zach Braff basically plays himself growing up as a medical intern. The show is basically a comedic drama set in a hospital; with in-depth characters, a lighthearted atmosphere, and a cute, cuddly message or two in every episode. Each character has their own unique personality and blend of comedy. John C. McGinley plays the "role model" character for Braff, and is hysterical. If you don't know who that is, he's the taller, skinnier consultant, Bob, from Office Space. There's a lot of cheesy parts at the beginning of the first season, but it gets better as the series goes on. Definitely worth a watch.

Alright, that's enough, now absorb, you fucking losers.



Okay, for those of you who like movies(pretty much everyone). You should check out OldBoy. It's a delightful Korean movie released in 2002 about a man who's been imprisoned by an unknown captor and spends the rest of the film finding out the mystery. Our hero, Oh Dae-Su, is trapped in... basically, a one room apartment with an attached kitchen and bathroom... for fifteen years. Periodically in his humble home, he falls asleep to the soft whisper of valium gas, and is changed and groomed. During the fifteen years, he's got a lot to think about shit. Instead of going insane like most normal people, he manages to keep his shit together watching television, training, and keeping in mind one thing: revenge. One month from completing his tunnel to the outside world, Oh Dae-Su is gassed then released at an unknown location, ready to start his quest for revenge, me hearties. argh.

Anyway, the cinematography in this movie is excellent. There's plenty of pretty, hard-to-get shots and such for any filmaker to be impressed. Plus, the CG they used actually looks good and is well matted throughout the movie. The action in this movie is also incredibly realistic; one scene consists of one continuous 3 minute shot of our happy hero working his way through at least a score of anonymous bad guys. Classic.

Oh, and for you must-have-a-reason-for-everything people, the only sex seen in the movie is completely essential to the plot... even if it wasn't, who cares.

So, after watching this movie, I realized that most other countries produce much better films than the U.S., thanks to our friend capitalism. There's some other Korean films I'll probably check out soon and review on this silly blog, A Tale of Two Sisters and Audition.

Chief p00fta.

Does anyone actually read this thing?
If so, we'll keep posting.
Just get back to us.


The Bird Flu

In Case it managed to slip your mind, WE ARE ALL DEAD!
Thank Goodness Bush has prepared for the pending disaster, The Onion Tells All
More Real news can be found at CNN...

thats all for now kids, Now that mad cow is pretty much cleared up, why don't you stick to beef for awhile


OK listen

The fact is, none of us hate anybody... or at least i don't

This blog is for us to express our feelings on whatever subject we see fit.

We try to keep it entertaining to spark debate any whatnot
We mean no harm

so if u dont like it... suck a dick bitches



so, here's the deal.

it's not that i don't have anything interesting to say. i have plenty of interesting things to say. for instance, the tv show lost is quite good, and itunes is so sweet now that you can buy episodes in their store. also, it looks like some bush administration officials are going to be indicted today or tomorrow. the poorman is extremely funny, and linkin park blows horse balls. in other news, rock stars are doing coke, republicans are lying in order to line their pockets and get more american kids killed on some godforsaken rock, used car salesmen wear bad toupees, and no one reads this blog.


no one reads this blog. give me a reason to write and i'll make more of an effort to find time to write. but this is a two-way street. i'm trying to foster a conversation, you ungrateful fuckers!