hands across the water.

so, how's it going? good? good. so there's this cool thing i've come across in my travels through the interweb, called audioscrobbler. it's basically a plug-in for whatever music player you use that records the names and data for the tracks you listen to, and then sends that to their central website. it uses that information to create a musical profile, and then matches you up with other people with similar taste. what i think is cool about that is that it matches you up on an artist-by-artist basis, rather than genre. it makes things a lot more interesting. they also hook your shit up with weekly charts, like your own personal billboard and shit.

once that profile gets itself set up (i think it needs like 100 songs) you can listen to streaming radio based on it. plus, other people can look at your profile and then laugh at how shitty your music is. pretty sweet, right? i thought it would be a nice thing to share with everybody, before i tear your taste to shreds.


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