Now on to real things!!

So Heres what i say, so listen... turn down whatever garbage your listening to and put that stupid away message up that reads "OuT... HiT uP dA ceLL- (insert number here)"

We aallll know you have that away message, fucking loser.

Anyway back to important things, like what i have to say!

I'm here to officially state that if you do not like Between The Buried And Me, you are a fuckhead.

Fuckhead- n, (fukā€¢hed) 1. One who sucks at everything he/she does. 2. One who has no taste in anything at all. 3. A complete moron 4. You.

As of right now, they are the best band ever. While many of you may not appreciate metalcore/grindcore music, and the piercing vocals that go along with it, surely you can understand that they are possibly the best group of MUSICIANS to come together and write music ever. I highlight the word musicians, because its tough to find a musician in anything you listen to.

I have told myself over and over again, by the time between the buried and me breaks up and calls it quits, they will have written everything. Yes i meant everything. There will be no more music left to write, because ever possible combonation of notes and values and keys will all have been written by Between the Buried and Me...

And you wanted to start a shitty pop-punk band... Good luck kid!

In other news, We here at Rock Snob, are better than you.

Good day


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