The Pootie Tang Story

Hello people that matter less

I am the newest blogger on the Rock Snob forum. As the newest member, I plan on explaining what im here for. I'm proud to call myself the resident "Metal-Head", "Scene kid", "Hardcore Fan", or what have you... While almost all music can get me aroused, metal/hardcore/and polka seem to create the biggest erection (of the mind)...

Anyhoo, For those of you who have taste and can appreciate a man screaming into a microphone, I will be your tour guide to new music from more well known bands, and the discovery of some new ones in the underground scene. Basically a plethera of music that is better than yours.

I also plan on sharing my opinions on numerous other topics as well, like how much i want to see SAW II... If you don't want to see saw 2, you should be shot.

I also plan on preaching the benefits of Red Bull, possibly the greatest drink of all time.
Many people say it tastes like something different than what the guy before them said... I plan on posting every one of them, as a space user...
So far the list consists of:
-Cough Drops
-Carbonated Medicine
-"It tastes like winning the nobel peace prize"

Thats all for the time being, so go back to sucking


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