um yeah

So uh umm yeah I decided to actually read some of the blogs and believe you me they were quite interesting except that whole post about the rolling stones, (how can someone not like satisfaction it's like being un-american?) I wonder if this actually reaches any one out in internet land. The amount of garbage on the internet I wouldn't be suprised if this goes unnoticed ( at least unnoticed for ten years until by some freak accident they figure out how to clone Hunter Thompson from one of his ashes on Woody Creek, and he's like I think I'll catch up on what I missed for ten years so he goes on an incredible coke binge reading everything he can on the internet somehow gets linked here from some porn site, and he committs suicide for our talent going unknown and the cops have to wipe the blood from the computer screen in order to see what made this clone of a genius blow his head off, and they see our writting, and we become famous, and national icons, and we can wipe our asses with some ben franklins and fuck a different bitch every hour...yeah that sounds right.)


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