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we have a few more songs being done for our project here at RSC, known as "the media." plenty of beats have been built, lyrics scrawled on the backs of labels peeled from beer bottles, tunes sung into cell phones, translated into german, and pureed with pickled beets. We also have a title for the album now. currentage:
Artist: the Media
Album: KLAMedia
1. Antoine the Jelly Jam
2. The Gas Sitch
3. Garden of the Arrow Jar
4. Capillary Sponge Bath in the Caterpillar's Hookah
5. Donna Matrix
6. The Continuing Adventures of John Stamos Among the Tangerine Mustard Flower People of Groblakulon Sebohday-Ha
7. How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Capitalize on a Flagon of Flies
8. Our Shit's the Shit, Shithead.
9. Pitch-Shifting Tarmac on Planet Ego

try and keep your shit together while you wait for this, you sloppy fucks. no biting. well, ok, you can bite, but don't draw blood. yeah. mmm. that's good. that's hot. keep doing that.


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