I've just had my mind blown

Well I know it is the edgy/cool thing to hate Panic at the disco. But for the record, I will be a "cliche loser" and like them. Their catchy and fun, and if you can't appreciate catchy fun things, you're boring. Sorry. No, not sorry. Stop complaining about things because its the cool thing to do. I dont care if you HONESTLY do not like something. Taste is taste. But if your like 90% of the idiots out there who just hate things because they want to be better than everything else and claim that they are educated and more inteligent because of it, then your an idiot and you should be shot.

I'm currently reading "Invisible Monsters" by Chuck Palahniuk, and i noticed that the lyrics to Panic at the Disco's "Time to dance" bare a striking similarity to the book, which is amazing by the way. So In an attempt to uncover truth or just coincidence, i powered up the ol' google and did some searching. apparently I've discover something that is already known, which makes me feel a little slow, but I only just started reading the book so give a brotha a break.

Anyhow, If you haven't read the book, or heard the song, or both, I suggest you do so. You will be a more well-rounded individual because of it.

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